End Austerity Now - London

#EndAusterityNow : Top Five Placards

With demonstrators chanting, flags rippling and many more than ten drummers drumming, the ‘End Austerity Now’ protest set off from Bank Station last Saturday at 1pm. The demonstration comprising tens of thousands of children, adults and bandanna-wearing dogs marched the three miles from London’s financial centre to Parliament in a show of opposition to the £12 billion worth of proposed cuts to Britain’s welfare state.

As I stomped my feet along with the enthusiastic crowd, I couldn’t help but find my eyes drifting to the hundreds of flags, banners and signs emblazoned with political witticisms. So, out of respect for this very organised and talented bunch of sign-painters, I took it upon myself to happily snap my favourites.

Here is the comprehensive Me And You Create top five placards:


I’m loving this troop’s original take on the traditional placard! They are very successfully hammering home their opposition to London’s reduction in social housing and escalating property prices.

End Austerity Now - London


I suspect that this guy might have made his sign out of another artists cardboard leftovers, using a finger dipped in cold Heinz tomato soup as a pen. But regardless, he still gets his simple yet emphatic message across pretty nicely!

End Austerity Now - London 


By miraculously managing to illustrate the love-child of David Cameron and Prince William, this guys placard has soared into third place.

End Austerity Now - London


It may not be the most beautifully designed placard, but this George Osborne impersonator pulled all the right dance moves to win a second place position in our round-up!

End Austerity Now - London



Big cudos to this politically-charged granny who has sewn her own floral bib. Heaven forbid the day that David Cameron winds up in her hospital wing with a sniffle!

End Austerity Now - London