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Transformator Design & UNHCR Workshop

On May 20th, I flew out to Stockholm, Sweden to take part in a design workshop hosted by Transformator Design and the UNHCR. During this intensive 12 hour seminar, we were divided into small teams to produce design-led solutions to the humanitarian crisis affecting Northern Europe’s refugees. The day was inspired by the ‘What Design Can Do’ organisation who promote the use of design for good causes. By gaining a better understanding of the situation facing Sweden’s refugees, we aimed to find solutions to some of their needs. We were given fundamental insights through speeches from the UNHCR and UNHCR Innovation team, and then by visiting a refugee centre in Stockholm to conduct interviews with refugees first-hand. My team, ‘The Happy Yellow Team’, consisted of six people from a variety of different backgrounds: cultural, political, economical and a refugee. I was very lucky to be paired with Mohammed for the […]

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Ai Weiwei : The Royal Academy

The dissident Chinese artist, Ai Weiwei, is showing a politically-charged exhibition of his work at The Royal Academy, London. His works highlighting human rights violations in China have led to his being closely monitored by the authorities, arrested and even hospitalised. His art is very controversial in China, and this exhibition clearly spreads a strong antigovernment message. It’s therefore possibly no coincidence that this exhibition coincided with President Xi’s unpopular visit to Britain last week. Weiwei combines traditional Chinese craftsmanship, with contemporary symbolism: from a CCTV camera carved in marble, to abstract gravity-defying sculptures crafted from wood using beautiful traditional methods. His work is very personal. Over half of his sculptures shout about a personal injustice. His incarceration for 81 days by the Chinese government is illustrated by a series of eight huge black boxes, each with just two peep holes cut in. When you look inside you see an accurate model of […]

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Claire’s Magnificent Cakes

The very talented Claire at Claire’s Cakes baked this fantastic tiered cake for Kim and Dan’s wedding day. The couple wanted to show the story of their lives together on the cake’s levels – with the moment they met at the bottom, their holiday to Egypt above, and the big proposal on the top tier. We designed the cake for them, and Claire baked and iced our design to perfection! To find out more about Claire’s Cakes, visit the website at:  

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#EndAusterityNow : Top Five Placards

With demonstrators chanting, flags rippling and many more than ten drummers drumming, the ‘End Austerity Now’ protest set off from Bank Station last Saturday at 1pm. The demonstration comprising tens of thousands of children, adults and bandanna-wearing dogs marched the three miles from London’s financial centre to Parliament in a show of opposition to the £12 billion worth of proposed cuts to Britain’s welfare state. As I stomped my feet along with the enthusiastic crowd, I couldn’t help but find my eyes drifting to the hundreds of flags, banners and signs emblazoned with political witticisms. So, out of respect for this very organised and talented bunch of sign-painters, I took it upon myself to happily snap my favourites. Here is the comprehensive Me And You Create top five placards: NUMBER 5: I’m loving this troop’s original take on the traditional placard! They are very successfully hammering home their opposition to […]

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BP Portrait Award 2015

The National Portrait Gallery opened it’s doors to the public last Thursday, to launch the exhibition of the ‘BP Portrait Awards 2015’. This highly acclaimed, annual competition is unusual because it requires that all artists enter their work anonymously, so that the judges can critique entries without bias. Now in it’s thirty-sixth year, this annual showcase does not fail to get people talking. From a portrait of a holocaust surviver, to a physically deformed cancer survivor, to an elderly man with dementia, followed by a depressed artists self-portrait of their fully-clothed plunge into a bath, this exhibition certainly isn’t a jovial one. However, if you are prepared to leave the exhibition feeling a little glummer than when you went in, then there is a lot to be gained from forty-five minutes here. The exhibition presents a thought-provoking insight into human emotion and behaviour, which brings to question the interpretation of […]

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Martin Rowson : Laughing at Tyrants

“Im addicted to drawing his (George Osborne’s) face. It looks like a balloon of sick – ready to pop!” exclaims satirical cartoonist Martin Rowson. Speaking at The Alternative Magna Carta festival on Saturday 13th June, Rowson presented some of his favourite drawings and wordy snippets to a small group of scruffy Guardian readers in the attic of a rickety pub in Clerkenwell, London. The festival offered an afternoon of well-respected speakers from historians through to university lecturers, who discussed topics such as freedom, the arts, protest, digital rights and more. Martin Rowson ended the day with his talk “Laughing at Tyrants: A Graphic Guide to Visual Satire”. His farcical and shockingly gritty illustrations were explained in depth by the man himself, as the building rattled at four minute intervals with each underground train that passed by underneath. Rowson’s illustrations for The Guardian newspaper have famously held those in power to […]

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Hand Painted Signage

The South London Fete is an annual event held in Croydon to raise money for education, youth clubs and support for Jewish people living south of the river. The organisers asked us to design and paint signs for the event taking place in June 2015. We designed these traditional-style fairground signs, and then hand painted them onto wood and varnished them so that they can be used year after year in the future. We loved working on this small, charitable project!