Human Rights Observers

Visit HRO at: (English) / (French)

Human Rights Observers (HRO) is a project of l’Auberge des Migrants. They are an independent watchdog aiming to document and denounce the State violence perpetrated against displaced people at the French-UK border in Calais and Grande-Synthe.

HRO needed a website to showcase their library of data, information and photographs from their research in Northern France. The website needed to present a lot of information in a clean, clear and easy-to-navigate way using their simple black and light green colour scheme. The website needed to be translated into English and French both automatically and manually when more precise translation was required, and it needed integrated Search & Filter functionality to help visitors to sort through their library of monthly observations.

The end results is website that ticks all these boxes – presenting lots of information clearly, incorporating simple but recognisable branding, and translation and Search & Filter software. The website has been built using WordPress so it will be updated internally by the HRO team!

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